Process Mapping for Teams

Half Day | In-House | Max. 15 Participants


This session will take participants through SIPOC, Process Mapping and Action Plans.

Process Mapping is a tool used to identify NVA activities and opportunities for improvement. It is also the first step when developing Standard Work practices. Process mapping drills down to the current state on how processes work in the business and by understanding waste and value add vs non value add, participants will start to see how processes can be improved creating a future state, and improvement projects.

Process maps assist with looking at future state processes and improvement projects are documented from the maps.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Process map existing processes and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Learn about how to effectively run a process mapping session
  • Understand how to read a process map, identify improvements and create an action plan

Topics Covered

  • 8 common forms of wastes and NVA/VA
  • Process mapping
  • Introduction to SIPOC
  • Quick wins vs projects & action plans


How can this workshop be delivered?

  • Face to face