Lean Consulting

Our experts can work with you to solve specific issues around production, layout, visual management and delivery

Our Clients

Process mapping​

Process mapping is an in-depth, visual way to identify the steps of a process and the way it is actually carried out.

As part of process mapping, we will teach you the methodology of process mapping, including SIPOC, and facilitate a session with your people. At the end of our engagement you will have a clear map and understanding of your process and actions to address the issues identified.

  • Team based approach to document steps that everyone contributes to a process
  • Assists in identifying waste and improvement opportunities
  • Shows linkage between information and material flow
  • Shows the impact of what we do can impact others further down the process chain

Standard Work Development

Standard work is part of good business practices and is the most efficient and safe way to perform work and leads to the highest quality, the best service for customers and at the lowest cost. It produces correct and consistent results across the organisation leading to less errors and fire-fighting.

How can we help with standard work practices:

  • Documenting processes
  • Effective training ensuring things are clear, correct, concise, communicated, current and complete
  • Monitoring performance

5S Implementation​

A 5S workplace is easier for people to navigate, find what they need and identify problems faster.

We can assist in training your people in the 5S of sort, set, shine, standardise and sustain and lead a 5S campaign on site. We will leave you with the tools to help sustain 5S with visual standards, audit sheets and 5S boards.

  • Reduced delays
  • Quicker changeovers
  • Improved morale and staff involvement
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced energy costs
  • A safer place to work
  • Better visual communication
  • Better use of space

Our Clients

Visual Management Boards

Team Boards, KPI Boards, Information Centres, etc. utilise Visual Management to:

  • Provide visibility and empower teams to track their own performance
  • Identify and solve problems every day as a team
  • Help build a culture of continuous improvement
  • Be a reference point for discussions around team performance

We will work with you to identify the information needed, build the boards and coach your leaders and supervisors on daily meetings/tool box.

Layout and Plant Design

Organisations that have evolved and grown over time, usually build processes based on bolting on new services or production lines. We will work with you to understand your current vs future state needs and use tools such as spaghetti diagrams and process mapping to:

  • Show status of current state of a process vs future state
  • Track time and movement
  • Work with your team to identify bottlenecks and make improvements to layout and process

We will then work with you to apply the layout changes and coach to improved standard work.

Time in Motion Studies

Optimise Workplace Efficiency with CI Team’s Time in Motion Study Approach

  • Engagement: Initiate virtual or face-to-face meetings with team members to understand roles, challenges, and time-related hurdles.
  • Observation: Conduct onsite shadowing and observations to capture the essence of a “day in the life” for team members in focus areas.
  • Insights & Recommendations: Compile insights into a comprehensive report with actionable recommendations after a thorough day of observations.
  • Coaching: Spend time coaching each team member to map their daily routines and establish standardised workweeks.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Conclude with a meeting with stakeholders to present additional recommendations, focusing on targeted skill development and increased productivity