Lean Training

From individual CI workshops to a full continuous improvement program, we have you covered

Our Clients

How will you assist me to build a culture of Continuous Improvement in my organisation?

We will work with you closely to design and deliver a sustainable continuous improvement training program that is linked to your organisation’s strategic goals with the learnings applied directly into the workplace.

We use a four-stage approach to building a continuous improvement culture with our clients:

Our Directors have over 15 years experience in working with clients to embed Lean within their workplace culture and have had the privilege of working on some of Australia’s largest business Lean implementation projects.

How is CI TEAMS different from other providers?

We believe in a learn and apply methodology, which builds knowledge and skills in a compounding way across our clients’ business. Our experts are embedded within your organisation to deliver training and coach on implementation on real projects leading to operational excellence.

It is a structured approach that builds engagement, changes culture and delivers real results.

Do participants receive training materials?

All participants receive customised learning resources that are co-branded. Lean Tools, topics and methodology covered in our training include: 5S, Process Mapping, Visual Management, PDCA, Problem Solving, 8 wastes, Spaghetti Diagrams, Just in Time Manufacturing, Standard Work and CI Leaders & Champions.