Lean Standard Work

Half Day | In-House | Max. 15 Participants


Standard work is the practice of setting, communicating, following and improving standards. It is ensuring that employees follow best practice so an organisation can achieve improved safety, quality and productivity. If an organisation does not have standardised work it means that there can be variation in processes and there is no mechanism to drive best practice across the site.

Standardised work is typically achieved through documents such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Work Instructions, process maps, and visual standards. To achieve standard work there needs to be effective training and performance monitoring. The people performing the work have to understand what they are doing, how it is done correctly and why it must be done this way.

This workshop will take participants through the importance of standardised work, what it is and how to create it in the workplace.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of Standard Work for safety, quality and productivity
  • Understand the principles of Standard Work design and implementation
  • Apply Standard Work to improve a new or existing process (ideally related to a project in your workplace)

Topics Covered

  • Standard Work Principles
  • Project Team Meetings
  • Standard Work Development
  • Standard Work and Continuous Improvement


How can this workshop be delivered?

  • Face to face