Continuous Improvement Masterclass for Government: Improving your Processes

1 or 2 day workshops | In-House | Max. 15 participants


CI Master Class will focus on continuous improvement (CI), identifying improvement opportunities, root cause and cause-and-effect analysis, identifying value/non-value activities and waste (DOWNTIME), visual management and identifying and implementing meaningful solutions.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of Continuous Improvement Guiding Principles and how Lean can be applied in a government setting
  • Develop practical skills to do process mapping, building a SIPOC and apply to real processes
  • Learn how to identify value/non value add activities & apply problem solving tools including root cause analysis and fishbone diagrams
  • Understand what is visual management and how to apply in a government setting
  • Understand managing and visualising performance; Hoshin Kanri
  • Developing an understanding of CI Routines & improvement cycles
  • How to have structured and effective meetings

Topics Covered

  • Continuous improvement guiding principles & Government
  • Process mapping & SIPOC
  • Root cause analysis, 5 WHYs & Fishbone Diagrams
  • Visual management in a government setting
  • Hoshin Kanri
  • Effective Meetings


How can this workshop be delivered?

  • Face to face