Understanding the Lean 8 Wastes

Half Day | In-House | Max. 15 Participants


This workshop will take participants through the common forms of Waste, value added and non value added activities and participants will go on a waste walk to identify where waste exists in their processes and business. Developing an understanding of waste is a key building block to developing a continuous improvement mindset and culture, i.e. once the waste has been identified, a plan can be set in motion to improve processes. It is the first step for individuals to understand that they are part of creating waste in the organisation that can be built on to do process mapping & identifying a future state with improved processes.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Develop an understanding of common forms of waste (8 Wastes)
  • Learn about non value added (NVA) vs value added (VA)
  • Learn about internal vs external customers
  • Go on a Waste Walk through the business & identify real waste against the 8 common forms

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Value & Waste
  • Understanding of Value, Waste and external/internal customers
  • What are the 8 Wastes: Defects, Over-production, Waiting, Not Utilising Employees, Transport, Inventory, Motion, Excessive Processing


How can this workshop be delivered?

  • Face to face